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Regional revitalization & Tourism Major Cases

Apr. 2017 --

We worked with Keikyu Corporation to support Taiwan Tourism Bureau in promoting Japanese & Taiwanese tourism.

Oct. 2017 --

We invited writers to conduct media coverage on Japanese hotel accommodations for Almex Inc, targeting both the Taiwanese and Hong Kong travel markets.

Jan. 2018 --

We promoted the Almex Inc. leisure hotel business by arranging strategic business interactions in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

July 2019 --

We wrote educational travel articles about Japan in English and Chinese for the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO). We also translated their website content from Japanese and English to both traditional and simplified Chinese.

Apr. 2019 --

We stationed a team member at the Toyama Prefecture in Himi City to promote inbound tourism and support international and cultural relations with Taiwan.

Oct. 2019 -- Mar. 2020 --

We promoted inbound business for six cities in Toyama-ken by working on a project with the Taiwanese magazine, “秋刀魚.”  This process included coordinating with local governments on the investigation, reporting, editing, publishing, and filming of public relations media.


Feb. 2020 --

We helped the Himi City Museum in Japan establish amicable agreements with the Kaohsiung Museum of History in Taiwan.


Feb. 2020 --

We conducted research for the JNTO on Japanese culture and tourism in order to write and translate in-depth articles about the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympic games.


Dec. 2020 --

We helped Himi City within the Toyama Prefecture in Japan to establish amicable agreements with the Gushan District, Kaohsiung in Taiwan.

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