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As a consulting organization, we focus primarily on issues related to business strategies in both Japan and Taiwan.

This can involve a wide range of specialties, including M&A, risk management, marketing, air cargo businesses, talent cultivation, educational facility setup, regional revitalization and development in education, travel, tourism, and more.


Through our 40 years of experience, we have developed extensive network connections with various industries, including government officials and academics both in Japan and abroad. To better help our clients communicate across cultural barriers, we offer talented mediators who are fluent in Japanese, Mandarin, and English. We often also enlist the help of outstanding experts in specialized fields such as legal, finance, IT, and design.


Japan-Taiwan Business Consulting

Help our clients in both public and private sectors across Northeast Asia.  We have English, Japanese, and Mandarin proficient speakers who can assist in business negotiations.

With our vast network of business connections across various industries in Japan and Taiwan, we can

  • Build up local legal entity & operations

  • Help foreign companies find local partners, and explore local opportunities

  • Assist in local funding

  • Support Mergers & Acquisition 

  • Others

We can provide a wide range of services, from local business model development to marketing strategy with our connections with local governments and local businesses.


We aim to bridge the gap between various parties to reach mutual understandings and seek optimal solutions by providing a way for our clients to overcome language barriers and cultural differences.


Tourism Consulting

Writing articles on inbound tourism, designing traveling promotion plans, and translating documents into Japanese, Mandarin, and English so that local economy experience tourism boost.

Aiding local Japanese government in increasing inbound travel business and international relations, and introduce new talent for regional revitalization

Educational Consulting

Children’s Education:

We are especially well-recognized in the field of child education due to our outstanding operation on educational facilities. We are involved in the management of 8 pre-school facilities in Yokohama.

- Career Planning & Growth:

We work with educational institutions to offer consulting services and seminars, promoting Japan employment and career planning for international students.

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